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double tracking the mantra

As you probably know, basic meditation practice often involves use of a mantra or ‘prayer-word’. This is to give the mind just enough to do to quieten the incessant ‘crazy cocktail party of the mind’ to use Martin Laird’s wonderful description.

I don’t know about you but I have found in my practice that, while this helps, I am quite capable of repeating my mantra on one level of my mind and find that I am daydreaming concurrently. I find that I suddenly realise that for the last few minutes I have been saying my mantra AND thinking about the shopping (or whatever)! The mantra seems to operate ‘below’ the buzzing, discursive mind.

The other day I tried what you could call ‘double tracking the mantra’ – if my mind is operating on two (conscious) different levels well how about giving both levels a mantra to work with? So then I had two mantras running concurrently. This probably all sounds quite chaotic and busy – it wasn’t particularly. The ‘lower’ mantra stayed quite stable and the ‘upper’ one came and went as I needed it too.

This probably isn’t text-book meditation teaching! But it was something I found helpful on that occasion.


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